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Max Euwe

Max Euwe (Photo New In Chess)
Without any doubt, Max Euwe is the most important person in the history of Dutch chess. Not only was he World Champion, he also wrote countless books and articles, published world wide. Also, as a chess official he played an important role. He was president of FIDE, the world chess federation, from 1970 until 1978. In that role he saved the exciting match between Robert Fischer and Boris Spassky in Reykjavík, 1972.

Some people have the gift to shine at more than one discipline. Euwe was doctor in mathematics and much later, in 1964, he was appointed to be professor in IT.

After winning many Dutch titles, Max Euwe beat Alexander Alekhine in 1935, and was World Champion. For many this victory came as a surprise, Alekhine hardly lost a game in a long period before the match. His title created a tremendous enthousiasm in the Netherlands. Chess was all at once popular. In 1937 he had to return the title to Alekhine in a rematch. Until his death in 1981, Euwe remained true to chess.

World famous are his twelve books on opening theory. Probably all Dutch chessplayers (and many in the world), surely when they know the pre-computer-era, have one or more books written by Euwe on their shelves.

As FIDE-president he travelled indefatigable around the world to increase interest for chess. The number of member federations rapidly grew, especially from Asia and Africa.

You can find a Max Euwe Centre in Amsterdam, situated on the Max Euwe Square. Of course, there is a statue of Euwe. A number of Dutch chessclubs is named after him.

The organizing committee trusts to have found a tournament formula in the spirit of Max Euwe. Talented young players from all over the world come to play. At the same time, it will be demonstrated that chess on a high level is possible, also if the player has reached a respectable age. An interesting clash between five continents, between generations, between man and woman.