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… to close the Elo-gap …
Written by Arjen van Herwaarden   
ImageMy name is Arjen van Herwaarden. I’m 16 years old and I am member of Chessclub Wageningen. I joined tthis club when I was 8, after my parents bought a chess computer for my sister. It appeared that I was the only one who liked the game of chess. The first few years I almost only played at the club. Since 2000 I have attended regional training sessions. However, it took a few years before I started to play in larger tournaments. I played twice in the Dutch Junior Championships, and I have got national training one year. The last two years I have played in Dieren in de main section, where I earned my FIDE-rating. My KNSB-rating is the lowest of all participants in the regional group, my goal is to gain some points to close the gap …