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A message from the chess family Haast
Written by Mark Haast   
ImageMy name is Mark Haast, I’m 15 years old, and from a real chess family. My father and sister Anne are still playing chess, my two brothers, Rob and Koen, did play chess, but they switched to waterpolo. Along being a chessplayer I also play waterpolo.

I attend the Cambreur College, in September I will start in de fourth grade gymnasium. The Cambreur Colllege became Dutch champion in Nijmegen with a special winning team of four children from the same family.

On board 1: Mark Haast, board 2: Koen Haast, board 3: Anne Haast en board 4: Rob Haast. Rob achieved the ultimate score with 100% in 9 games.

Maarten van der Burght, teacher in mathematics at the Cambreur College inDongen, and Harald van Esch were my first chess trainers at the Dongense Chess Club. I’m also trained on a national level by Petra Schuurman from Eindhoven en IGM Yge Visser.

In July 2007 I switched from the Dongense Chess Club to ‘Stukkenjagers’ in Tilburg, together with my sister Anne. So next season I will make my début in the national 1st class.

Last season I achieved some good results by winning the regional Brabant Championships. Herewith I was the successor of Herman Grooten and the youngest champion ever of the Brabant Chess Federation. I also have won the oldest weekend tournament of Brabant in Helmond. Through these good results my KNSB-rating has increased from 2125 tot 2238.

My goal for the Euse Stimulus tournament is to play nice and exciting games and to prove my new rating.